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PHILOSOPHER the game is a card game that inspires deep conversations.  Everyone takes turns being the PHILOSOPHER by picking the top TOPIC card off a shuffled deck.  Other players, “DEVOTEES” chose a VIEWPOINT card from their hand of seven cards dealt to them.

The PHILOSOPHER chooses a VIEWPOINT card that either best describes how they feel about the topic, relates to a story they have, makes them laugh, etc.  The Devotee that offered that winning viewpoint gets the topic card.  Devotees with the most topic cards at the end of the game wins.  BUT it’s more than winning with this game, everyone gets a chance to share their truth.  That makes this a profound adventure for the evolution of humanity. The game shifts as players evolve and grow their life philosophies.

An example TOPIC may be GHOSTS , example VIEWPOINTS on that TOPIC could be 1-I feel anxious, 2-From Experience, 3-My dog knows more than most, 4-Open to interpretation, 5-My mind says no, 6-It’s not what you’re thinking.  Which would you pick and why??

You can play this game with one player up to a big group. From tweens up. There are multiple boosters packs and a variety of subjects and more are being added. Boosters on Science, Human Experience, Relationships, History, Metaphysics, Out of this World (Sci-fi/Alien), Bibliofile, For Fun and more! There’s something for everyone.  Accessories like playing mat are available too.